can serrat, 2022/23

a series of three Tea Parties ruminating on Shells As Symbols of: Nomadic Homes, Femininity, Sexuality, Sensuality, Play, Spirituality and Intuition.

we invited our fellow residents to share dishes that remind them of home whilst eating shellfish (among many other things); to open up about desire, childhood and inhibitions whilst slurping jelly (and other things) out of shells; and finally to intuitively and playfully paint the shells we’d been eating from with nail varnish - and then divine from them.

burlington house prep school, 2023

artist talk followed by a collage workshop using images from my portfolio at SEN school

fotonomads, 2015 - present

a photo-collective with clients of the Helen Bamber Foundation who support refugees and asylum seekers who have been victims of human cruelty; having collaborated and exhibited with UCL, Autograph Gallery

my chirilagua, 2017

project in collaboration with La Escuela Alma in Chirilagua, El Salvador celebrating and reflecting on how to improve their local community and environment 

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