At the end of February 2020 I visited the floating city of Venice for the first time. I’d been dreaming of it since I was a child and honestly I don’t know how it took me so long to get there but it didn’t disappoint. I was lucky enough to see it full of masks and capes - a city that looks like a film set on a normal day was elevated to another level of surreal during Carnival. As I looked down the canal from the Bridge of Sighs it struck me, as I’m sure it has many others, that I was standing in a real life Atlantis. Just two months previously the city had been subject to its second-worst flooding since records began, and there were visible signs of this all around. Perhaps one day people would have to go diving to visit this ancient city… but how glorious it would still look under water. I was moved by how beautiful and foreboding these water-damaged walls were. Beauty like this even decays well. The day I left, the rest of the carnival had been cancelled due to covid-19. (2020)

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